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“Prescription treatments will be offered only if deemed appropriate by a healthcare professional. This page has been medically reviewed by Issmaeel Lawendy (R. Ph)”

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How does this program work?

Have you tried losing weight without much success? Millions of Canadians suffer from weight consciousness and are unable to manage their weight, impacting self-image, confidence, and mental health. At Gambit, our healthcare practitioners tailor and personalize our weight management program to your lifestyle needs. No more yo-yo dieting. Weight management backed by science.

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Why can’t I lose weight?

If you’ve ever wanted to complete that New Year’s resolution, but can’t, you are not alone.
Mental health, genetics, or habits can all lead to difficulties in losing weight. A regular exercise routine and well-managed diet is the first recommended strategy for weight management, but that might not always be effective.

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How do I lose weight with Gambit?

We know that diet and exercise may not work for everyone, whether you may be too busy, not able to exercise due to an injury or circumstance, or any multitude of reasons. That’s why Gambit offers weight management solutions that skips the gym and the calorie counting.

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