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Meet the Gambit Team

Issmaeel Lawendy (RPh)

Issmaeel Lawendy is an experienced pharmacist and visionary in pursuing new avenues of pharmaceutical care. He brings a wealth of knowledge and executive leadership to GetGambit. His passion for building a healthy and fruitful relationship with patients stands out amongst healthcare providers and aligns with GetGambit’s mission of providing a holistic healthcare solution to make sure no one is left behind.

Dr. Hatem S. Salim (MD, FPCRC)

Dr. Hatem Salim is the Director of the Internal Medicine Program at Western University and an associate professor of Medicine at Western University. After completing his honor’s bachelor’s degree in medical biophysics, he attended medical school at the University of Ottawa and completed his specialization training in Internal Medicine at Western University. He enjoys providing medical care to patients from all ages and all walks of life. Dr. Salim joins our team as a Specialist in Internal Medicine and also practices at Victoria Hospital in London, Ontario. Dr. Salim joins us with an exceptional wealth of experience and has been working with us on expanding health services for men and women and providing the best care.

Naeem Kasmani (RPh, MBA)

Naeem is a licensed pharmacist in Ontario and has been on the healthcare frontlines for over a decade. With an MBA at Queen’s University, he served in Brand Management at Johnson & Johnson where he managed the marketing of well-known over-the-counter treatments across Canada. Naeem continues to practice as a pharmacist with medical interests in men’s health and helping smokers reduce their nicotine dependency.

Heather Godfrey, FNP, MNNP, BN, BSc

Heather is a dedicated Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) passionate about healthy aging and overall wellness. She boasts extensive healthcare experience, emphasizing the holistic connection between physical and mental health. Heather promotes early interventions, lifestyle modifications, and education on healthy habits to enhance life quality. She crafts personalized wellness plans using evidence-based techniques and cutting-edge advancements. Heather holds a Master of Nursing, a Bachelor of Nursing, and a Bachelor of Science in Biomechanics. An accomplished clinician, educator, and scholar, she has diverse roles, including a 15-year stint at Alberta Children’s Hospital. A former varsity athlete, Heather enjoys outdoor activities and is a committed parent, advocating for universal healthcare access.

Sheereen Hassib, MSc, RD

Sheereen is a passionate Registered Dietitian with expertise in clinical dietetics and private practice. She delivers evidence-based nutrition guidance tailored to each client, spanning adults, neonates, pediatrics, and geriatrics. Committed to promoting healthy discipline habits, Sheereen coaches clients on nutrition and lifestyle changes that empower them without feeling restrictive. As a food enthusiast, adventurer, and entrepreneur, her primary goal is helping individuals find balance and control in their dietary choices, ensuring they achieve optimal health.

Wala Al Shaikh Yasin, MS, RD

Wala is a dedicated Clinical Dietitian with a focus on individualized nutrition solutions in her private practice. Passionate about fostering holistic health, she crafts nutrition care plans for acutely ill patients and others seeking to meet specific health objectives. Wala is a strong believer in making small, gradual changes to achieve long term sustainable results. She works hand in hand with her clients to help them achieve their goals and enhance their nutritional knowledge. Her specialties encompass Diabetes Management, Gastrointestinal and Cardiovascular Disease, Malnutrition in varied conditions like geriatrics and cancer, Mindful Eating, Lifestyle Change, and Weight Management.

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