Get Gambit – Refund Policy


Medical Practitioner Asynchronous Assessment – ED, Hair Loss, Premature Ejaculation, HIV PrEP

A refund is applicable if the medical intake form has not been completed or submitted. Once the intake form is submitted, no refund is applicable, as it is being reviewed by Gambit’s medical practitioners.

If our health team has attempted to reach you for over 10 days after payment and you were unable to be reached, we retain a $25 service fee plus any applicable service and payment processing fees.

Refunds for Medication

If you are requesting a refund regarding payment for medication, the medication must have not been shipped yet, Gambit will refund the subtotal cost of Medication minus $25 per prescription for pharmacy administration, and any applicable service and payment processing fees. If the medication has shipped, no refund is applicable. These laws are established by the provincial pharmacy regulatory bodies in the respective province you are in. No returns can be accepted on prescription medications.

TRT Eligibility – Medical Practitioner Asynchronous Assessment

If the intake form has not been submitted yet after payment, a refund can be issued, adhering to the refund policy for unsubmitted intake forms per above. If an intake form has been submitted, no refund is applicable, as it is immediately forwarded to our practitioners for review.

TRT Eligibility -Lab Requisition – Only Serum testosterone and Free testosterone

If a requisition has not been issued, a refund can be initiated. However, once a requisition is issued, no refunds are applicable. We cannot be used as a testing service and especially if you are marked eligible by our medical team, this means your blood work shows something of concern and we have a legal responsibility to review those concerns with you. We must follow up based on this, hence you are charged a requisition fee for the practitioner to issue and review your requisition and results. You have 6 months to use an issued lab requisition before expiry. As a courtesy, we may issue a lab requisition if a previous lab requisition expires free of charge, if the expired lab requisition was never used. If we cannot prove that a lab requisition was never used, we are unable to issue a new lab requisition free of charge.

TRT Program –Medical Practitioner Comprehensive Asynchronous Assessment

Once you are marked eligible, our practitioner will assess if treatment is safe for you. No refunds are applicable once this is initiated. A comprehensive assessment is required before initiating treatment and 30 days after initiation of treatment and if a dose adjustment is required. This is done to make sure treatment is safe for the patient.

TRT Program – Follow-up Assessment

If treatment is initiated, each follow up charge takes place every 60-70 days (the schedule depends on the testosterone treatment prescribed and is at the discretion of the medication practitioner) to ensure everything is in place for the next follow up and there are no delays or gaps in your treatment. It is the patient’s responsibility to complete their blood work on time and stay consistent with the treatment. If you are enrolled in auto-billing or auto-renewal and would like to cancel or pause your subscription, please contact us before the charge takes place within the 70-day window. Once your subscription renews, we are unable to refund for your assessment, as our medical practitioners assess your case and issue follow-up lab requisitions within the same day.

Please note that adherence to the monitoring is legally required to continue treatment, and non-adherence of your designated monitoring schedule would lead to your discontinuation of the treatment if we are not able to contact you or if you request to cancel or pause your follow-up assessments.

Weight Management – Specialist consultation and Dietician Services

No refunds applicable. We cannot be used as a testing or one-time dietician service provider and if you are marked eligible by our Allied Health Team, it means your blood work or medical history shows something of concern or you have been approved for weight management treatment. We are legally obligated to follow up based on this, hence you are charged a consultation fee.

If you signed up for Dietician consultations and services, you had purchased a package of consultations and deliverables. We are unable to refund for incomplete Dietician packages as the costs associated with the services are accrued at and immediately after the initial consultation. We will attempt to reach out via multiple routes to follow-up on incomplete consultations, as regular monitoring is also required.