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Issmaeel Lawendy (BSc. Pharm, MPharm)

Issmaeel Lawendy is an experienced pharmacist and visionary in pursuing new avenues of pharmaceutical care. With demonstrated success in executive positions at the largest pharmacy care companies in Canada, Issmaeel brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership to GetGambit. Issmaeel graduated from a joint degree in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Greenwich, England, completing his Master of Pharmacy in Pharmacology with a subspecialty in Antineoplastic medications and naturally occurring compounds combating some of the most aggressive forms breast cancer. His passion for building a healthy and fruitful relationship with patients stands out amongst healthcare providers and aligns with GetGambit’s mission of providing a holistic healthcare solution to make sure no one is left behind.

Dr. Hatem S. Salim (MD, FPCRC)

Dr. Hatem Salim is the Director of the Internal Medicine Program at Western University and an associate professor of Medicine at Western University. After completing his honor’s bachelor’s degree in medical biophysics, he attended medical school at the University of Ottawa and completed his specialization training in Internal Medicine at Western University. He enjoys providing medical care to patients from all ages and all walks of life. Dr. Salim joins our team as a Specialist in Internal Medicine and also practices at Victoria Hospital in London, Ontario. Dr. Salim joins us with an exceptional wealth of experience and has been working with us on expanding health services for men and women and providing the best care.

Dr. Salam A. Al-Attar (MD, M.Sc, CCFP)

Dr. Al-Attar has been practicing family medicine in Ontario since 2012, after receiving his Medical Doctorate from the University of Ottawa. His interests in medicine include men’s health, geriatric care, and emergency medicine, and he has become an advocate for patient access for healthcare. Dr. Salam is uniquely dedicated to ensuring that our patients receive the care they need no matter their circumstance. He is also an experienced academic in the field of adipocyte biology and thyroid pathologies. In addition to working with us, he also practices at Intrepid Medical Centre and is on staff at Trillium Health Partners in Mississauga, Ontario.

Naeem Kasmani (BSc. Pharm, MBA)

Naeem is a licensed pharmacist in Ontario who graduated from the University of Toronto in 2009 and has been on the healthcare frontlines for over a decade. In 2019, Naeem attained an MBA from Queen’s University in Kingston. He then served in Brand Management at Johnson & Johnson where he managed the marketing of well-known over-the-counter treatments across Canada. Naeem continues to practice as a pharmacist in Cambridge, Ontario with medical interests in men’s health and helping smokers reduce their nicotine dependency.