Premium Topical Finasteride/ Minoxidil

Premium Topical Finasteride/Minoxidil

Premium Topical finasteride 2.5% and minoxidil 5% customized for you
Our premium line contains effective hair-loss treatments in a superior gel base, formulated to enhance medication delivery and reduce scalp irritation.
- Made with precision at our specialized partner compounding facility
- Unit pump dosing so you get the same amount each time
- Not available on store or pharmacy shelf

The Ultimate Shield

Starting from $166.66 per month

Premium Topical Gel



Medical Consult


*The cost indicated does not include the cost of the doctor consult or any applicable service fees
*Includes 1 year prescription if approved
*Access to our clinicians for 1 year
*100% refundable if you are declined the prescription after a medical review

What is Versagel® MP?

Versagel® MP is a gelled compound made from isopropyl palmitate, a long hydrocarbon molecule known for its uses in premium skin-care products. We use this formulation in our finasteride and minoxidil premium gel for enhanced absorption at the scalp where the hair loss occurs.

Our topical gels are unique as they are able to deliver and isolate the effects of active ingredients to targeted areas.

When should I choose a premium topical gel?

We recommend a topical treatment for cases where men are suffering from moderate to severe hair loss and have tried commercially available treatments. A topical premium gel will ensure treatment with the most effective medication delivery mechanism. It is also recommended for those with sexual side effects from taking treatment orally.
Our premium line of topical gels is great for men who prefer a customized treatment for their body. Complete the intake form and choose the topical gel. Skip the wait and get free consult and shipping.