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Symptoms of Low Testosterone

As a man advances in age, testosterone levels begin slowly declining. Common symptoms can include reduced libido, erectile dysfunction, depressed mood, lower sense of wellbeing, reduction in muscle mass, and increased fat accumulation, among others. A blood test which measures total testosterone and related hormones can diagnose whether you have low T.

Muscle Weakness

Low Testosterone can result in reduced endurance, loss of muscle mass, and poor performance.

Erectile Dysfunction

Low testosterone is a leading cause of the inability to maintain an erection sufficient for intercourse.

Chronic Fatigue

Low testosterone often leads to low energy, constant fatigue, and an overall lack of interest in daily life.

Low libido

Low testosterone can reduce your ability to have satisfying intercourse, adversely impacting intimate relationships.

Mood changes

Low testosterone leads to significant mood swings, resulting in depression and anxiety.

Brain Fog

Low testosterone levels can lead to decreased cognitive function, and difficulty concentrating.

Benefits of TRT

Testosterone Replacement Therapy brings back your ‘T’ levels to a healthy range, which can result in a reversal of many of the symptoms that result from low testosterone levels.

Benefits include but are not limited to

  • Restored vitality
  • Increase in muscle mass & bone density
  • Improved mood
  • Better erectile performance
  • Increased sex drive

What dosage forms does testosterone replacement (TRT) come in?

Testosterone replacement is available in various forms. At Get Gambit, we offer TRT through topical gel applied on the skin, and an injection.
Our 1% testosterone gel is applied once daily and comes in an easy-to-use packet. For those who prefer injecting every 1 or 2 weeks, depo-testosterone (testosterone cypionate) is also available.

Testosterone 1% Gel

From $137.33 per month
Avoid painful needles with this easy-to-apply daily regimen.

Up to 80-100% covered with Medical Insurance

Testosterone Injection

From $44.80 per month
Injected in the muscle every 1-2 weeks.

Up to 80-100% covered with Medical Insurance

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TRT Treatment Process

Doctor Consult ($50)

Fill our TRT assessment form for our specialist to review.
Refunded if you don't qualify!

Lab Requisition ($50)

Get your total testosterone and bio available testosterone tested to see if you qualify.

Comprehensive Assessment

If you qualify, our health team contacts you to enrol you into our TRT Program.
Only pay if you qualify!

Prescription Delivery

Get your medications delivered discreetly, when you need it.

Ongoing Care

Our team will connect with you to schedule ongoing blood work & assessments. Quarterly Subscription if you qualify!

Testosterone Replacement Therapy – FAQs

Eligibility for TRT is typically determined through a combination of blood tests and a comprehensive review of your medical history and symptoms by a licensed healthcare provider. Blood tests are used to measure your current testosterone levels, while a thorough assessment helps to rule out other potential causes of your symptoms. Common symptoms of low testosterone include fatigue, low libido, muscle loss, and mood changes.

Regular blood tests are crucial while on TRT to monitor your testosterone levels and ensure they are within a healthy and safe range. They also help monitor changes to your health, such as in blood lipid levels, other hormone levels, red blood cell count, and prostate function. The licensed healthcare practitioner assessing your case will use the results of these tests to adjust your treatment plan as necessary, ensuring that you receive the most benefit from TRT with the least risk.

Both forms of TRT have similar potential side effects, although the severity and occurrence might vary. Common side effects include acne, oily skin, increased body or facial hair, mood swings, and a potential increase in red blood cell count. Testosterone gel may cause skin irritation at the application site, while testosterone cypionate injections can cause pain or swelling at the injection site.
TRT can potentially impact fertility by decreasing your luteinizing hormone (LH) levels, which in turn decreases sperm production. If you wish to have children in the future, it’s crucial to inform us before starting TRT. Our licensed healthcare practitioners may prescribe hCG in addition to testosterone to help you maintain fertility while on treatment.

To naturally boost testosterone, you may consider lifestyle changes such as regular exercise, a balanced diet rich in zinc and vitamin D, reducing stress through mindfulness practices, and ensuring adequate sleep. Maintaining a healthy weight and reducing alcohol intake can also be beneficial. If you are unsure whether you have low testosterone, try our testosterone eligibility assessment, a cost-effective and efficient way to know if you need a boost to your testosterone levels.

If you live with or frequently have close contact with women or children, after application you should let the testosterone gel dry before interacting with your partner or children. Once the gel has dried, you don’t have to worry about it transferring to others. 

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